Monday, June 21, 2010

Tooth Implants gone bad

In my previous posts, I mentioned that I had been feeling quite sick the past weeks. That was also the reason why, aside from being busy at work, I was unable to post blogs though I have lots of interesting things in my head to think about.

The past weeks when I felt like having a flu,I felt a pain in the left part of my neck and also pain behind my left ear. I also had stiff shoulder muscles. I had migraine and even elevated blood pressure and therefore when I visited my physician, she gave me some relaxant and suspected that I was just stressed at work.

Then I decided to visit a dentist and complained to him all the things I had been feeling. He did a CT scan and it revealed that one of my two tooth implants which were done 2 years ago was not done properly and was infected. He advised me to remove it. The problem I had was that it's crown was a part of a bridge which was attached to a healthy tooth and the crown of the other implant.

I went to another dentist and a third dentist for a second and third opinion... both gave me the same advise as the first one. The infected tooth implant should be removed as it was already affecting my nerves and muscles, etc. Now I know the real reason why I had been feeling sick lately.

To make the long story short, I had just came back from the dental surgeon who removed not only one implant but both. After removing the first infected implant, he found out the other one beside it was also showing some signs of infection and therefore he advised me to remove it to and I agreed. The dentist cleaned the jaw bone area where the implants were once located and also put some bone graft on the pits before stitching my gums close. The process though not painful during the surgery is now giving me pain. Thanks to the scalpel used by the dentist to open my gums just to remove the implants.

I am yet to talk to or maybe sue the dentist who did my "former" tooth implants two years ago. But while I am still thinking of how I would do it, I just wrote this blog to warn individuals not to just listen to or trust dentists who would advise you to have tooth implants. Think and study it first and ask around on the pros and cons. One thing important is also to look at the record of the dentist, because a few of them are just pretending and collecting big sums of money from clients who they know could afford to pay. This world is really not free from cons who take advantage of people;s trust just to earn money- and we could find them in whatever profession.

For anybody who would like to communicate with me on what actually happened and how and why my implants had gone bad, please feel free to leave me a comment and your email address so I could communicate with you the details. They were just too much to be written on this blog.

I am now on 5 days medical leave, recovering from the (quite a major) dental surgery at home with the help of antibiotics, anti-swelling tabs and pain relievers.

After recovering from this, I will have a temporary denture while thinking of whether I would still do another new set of implants after the failed ones or will just replace my temporary dentures with permanent ones. God please help me to decide!


Lynn Hahn said...

Sorry to hear about your experience. I almost got implants but settled for a bridge in one area and just let another area in the back of my mouth go with nothing. It can't be seen and doesn't affect my teeth.

I've had several bad experiences with dentists but not as bad as yours. My bottom teeth are now crooked because a dentist fit my night guard incorrectly.

I'm in my 50's too. Next year I'll be in my 60's uggg. I'm told I look pretty good too LOL

Aurea Robillard said...

So sad to hear about it dear. You're right, we should do some background checking before we pursue with any dental procedures. After doing some checking, it is better to keep to the most reputable one to guarantee our safety. You know, our teeth are not just a set that helps us in chewing our food. Anything that goes bad in our mouth can affect our entire body. You just felt it when your nerves were affected by your infected tooth. The reason behind it is that the parts of our body are interconnected to one another.

When you decide on having additional dental implants, make it a point that you'll have regular check ups to avoid inconveniences. And oh to help you decide here, read this blog: It contains factors to be considered before having a dental implant.

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Anonymous said...

I seem to be having a similar problem, I have had implants for about 10 years, and problems never ceased.

Most recently, in early November, I was cleaning my upper front bridge one evening with a flossing brush in between implants, and felt as if I had touched a piece of food left there, but after that, the implant area started to pulsate whenever I was doing the slightest physical effort. After a while, I became ill with what looked like flu symptoms, a swelling in the right ear, and alternations of cold and hot bouts, which would leave me drenched in sweat. After making an x-ray, my dentist insists that the implant is not infected, and just performed some cleaning with ultrasounds. It did not work, I still feel as if I had a temperature, although I am not running a fever. Now the dentist sent me for some blood tests. The thing is, the dentist appears not willing to confront the problem, and is trying to bamboozle me into believing the implant is OK, because removing it would mean breaking a bridgework which covers two-thirds of my upper jaw under five implants. I really don't know what to do, since I am an expat living in the Czech Republic, and my dentist is an old Czech who does not speak English, while my Czech is pretty flimsy. But the bottom line is, I am not feeling well, and this state is affecting my ability to work. Has anyone experienced hot and cold bouts because of an implant gone wrong? What should I do? ET, Prague

Anonymous said...

I had a implant also that is now infected.
Going to see a oral surgeon . I am not in pain
just lite bleeding and some pus on heavy
antibiotic .The dentist that place implant
refuses to take the blame. I may need to
may need a lawyer.
Will keep posted

Anonymous said...

While having an implant done, the dentist was checking the fit of the crown to the template. He said 'uh ow' as the crown would not fit the way he was trying it. He turned it around and it then fit. He already had the posts in my jaw. I believe he had put the template in my mouth backwards. He proceeded to put the crown in and said nothing. At re-checks later I asked why the crown was leaning to the inside of my mouth. He said he had to drill the holes where they would avoid nerves. This implant has never been comfortable, food is always getting stuck, the gum never filled in around it and I have an identation in my jaw line.I am also having fevers and suspect it's infected. I've suffered too long and paid too much to just let this go. WHERE DO I GO NEXT FOR HELP LEGAL AND CORRECTIVE?

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, it's ET from Prague again.
Two months have passed, and the problems only got from bad to works with my implant, which the doctor had said it was not infected. After suffering uselessly a so-called cleaning surgical procedure at the beginning of February, I finally had the implant removed on March 2, by a different doctor, because by trust in the first one and his clinic are gone. The bone around the implant was indeed infected, so the dentist scraped it thoroughly and game me stitches after he placed local antibiotics inside. I can't say that I have recovered completely, I still have some headaches and chills, but I am told it is part of the healing process now. Hope So. I will keep the implant as a reminder. Meanwhile, I am demanding financial compensation from the doctor who got me in this mess.

Anonymous said...

I also had problems with my implant which was placed in compltely the wrong angle for a front tooth. Luckily I found a local very experienced dentist who has been placing implants for about 16 years. Thank god he rorted it out for me as I was quite upset by the whole ordeal.

Surbhi Jain said...

my father is having implants..but i am really afraid.should they be done?
pls mail at

Mary said...

I just stumbled across this Blog when researching what to do about an infected loose implant.I started with the original post by Marda. i also wan to sue this dentist for this and other faulty work that had to be re-done in less then a year and insurance did not pay for duplicate work in less then one year. Are our or any posters from the US..and have you been successful in suing a dentist. I live in Delaware and the specialty in medical/dental malpractice law is not abundant. please e-mail me

Anonymous said...

adgondBrigitte Wagner
I had an implant so the parcial would fit better (upper right, third tooth from incisor)My face was black and blue from the eye to below the jawbone. Some weeks later the implant wobbled. Dentist put in a thicker one. However, it was crooked and I had to have a new parcial. I wish I had never done it.

Anonymous said...

I also have implants done 2 years ago. The dentist tried 4 crowns without any luck. They all cause pain. The left side of my face is painful. It is very sad that people suffer so much from those dentists who have no ethics, no conscious and no skills. They only have greed and take advantages of people like you and myself.

I have seen several dentists and periodontists who are not willing to help me at all. And, I do not know where to go to get help. Please let me know if you know very good periodontists and dentist who are skilled and honest in the bay area of CA.

Cali said...

I am thinking of getting an implant to replace a molar. Marda, hoping you can write me back: Want to hear more about your experience. I have bad TMJ on the side where the implant needs to be placed - concerned.

Marianne Urbanski said...

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Ted Grimmer said...

“Think and study it first and ask around on the pros and cons.” – Absolutely true! There is no harm in doing research first before making a decision, especially if it concerns your dental health. By knowing the procedures, treatment and implications, you are saving yourself from the dangers of agreeing to a procedure which can do more damage.

Delilah Henderson said...

A very similar thing happened to my mother. She had gotten dental implants but they were done incorrectly. We had no idea until we made an impromptu appointment in Boise Idaho. The dentist there noticed the error. And now we've set up a new appointment to get it fixed!

Delilah Henderson said...

A very similar thing happened to my mother. She had gotten dental implants but they were done incorrectly. We had no idea until we made an impromptu appointment in Boise Idaho. The dentist there noticed the error. And now we've set up a new appointment to get it fixed!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marda I ve just had an infected implant removed after 6 weeks of tremendous pain, it was infected. The remaining 2 are fine. I have been complaining about this implant being painful since week 1, after which the other 2 gave me no pain. On coming out of the appointment to have it removed, by another dentist at the same clinic as I refused to be treated by the one who did the implant, I was met by the owners and their solicitor. I have emails that I have sent to the dentist over the last 6 weeks complaining about. The pain, I have been back 7 times and not once did the origional dentist x ray me and diagnose infection. I have since rang the general dental council and he is not even registered. This is a British dentist owned by Hungarians all the dentist fly over to do implants. My email is if you have any further info that could help me decide what to do. My bridge supported crowns were also a terrible fit and had huge gaps and were two high, the owners have refunded the 1 implant and the other dentist is going to finish my bridge work, she says I don t need another implant, if so why did he put one in, I think maybe I can t have another one because there has been to much damage. It's all very scary, I have paid so I need to have the work finished, but no longer trust the dentist. Should I seek legal advice.

Anonymous said...

How did you find out that the implant was infected? I have neck pain, sinusitis, fatigue... all things that are new and strange but developed so slowly I can't tell if it's related. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I had two implants put in 3 months ago. One got infected after 1 week. I kept having shooting pain on the entire left side of my face. I had to see a neurologist who informed me that due to the surgery and infection,I now have trigeminal neuralgia. It's called the"suicide disease". It's reported as being the worst pain known to mankind. No cure once the nerve is damaged. I would tell anyone thinking of getting implants....don't do it!

Dana McAllister said...

Thank you for writing this. I actually am going through a rough time in my life, financially. I am being blessed through a charity for domestic violence, called Give Back a Smile here in the United States. I suffered domestic violence and as a result have depression and majorer depression. I see a therapist regularly. Well, to the point, I wanted implants. I need a couple I think. This next Friday is my last out of 6 visits to the dentists school called Esthetic Professionals, a cosmetic dental school run by Dr. Crispen and his family. They are so nice. Well, they are doing a bridge for me with caps and no implants. I was kind of hoping they would put implants in as they are better I thought but now I am happy to be getting my bridge. I am starting to wonder if they've done enough research on the whole implant idea or just put it out there for the public so they could make more money. They say or I think I've heard that your body can reject on implant? I am not sure. Thank you for your information, the way it was written and sorry for what you are going thru! I hope you feel better and get better as soon as possible. My e-mail is
God Bless
Bye for now

Luscious said...

I just had an implant removed. I will never get an implant again. I am convinced that these dentists do implants for the $$$$$$ and implants cost a lot.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is infected
your welcome
The Rambling Mormon

Anonymous said...

I had 2 implants placed one month ago. A few days ago, I began having sweats upon awakening along with dizziness, nausea, and rapid heartbeat, with waves of anxiety. One implant had been extremely painful with swelling since placement. My oral surgeon removed that implant today and said my body was rejecting either it or the bone graft. He is refunding the charge for the implant. I love my surgeon but would rather have a bridge or nothing after that experience.

Anonymous said...

prior to having a dental implant, I told the dentist and the surgeon, years ago a mental plate was placed to heal a broken ankle it had to be removed in six months--my body does not like metal --now six months after the implant, it had to be pain and constant headaches..

Anonymous said...

So bad to hear about your experiences. I am thinking about having 2 implants placed w/ a bridge, my question to all is what kind of implant did you have (brand name)
the dentist i am thinking to go to uses "Osstem" and "Zimmer" any idea if those are any good.
i would like to know if your problem was the dentist or the implant. thanks

Anonymous said...

I just had my fourth implant removed due to an infection occurring 6 years after they we're put in. The removal was two weeks ago and the site has not healed properly and is still infected, draining, red, sore. Going tomorrow for suture removal and scared to death of what else will have to be done to get rid of the infection that lingers on.

marian said...

Im really afraid. Had bone infection 18 months ago, had top teeth removed and bone grafts done. Finally had 4 implants placed with removable/denture without palate, and noticed that one of the implants on Left side was always sore. Had antibiotics to "firm it up" about 2 months ago,
back to dentist 2 weeks ago with excruciating pain, he said it was an adjustment to the denture, back to dentist last week, awful taste and smell in mouth. He did xray and pulled implant.

There is another implant half an inch away from the first one, and now this one is hurting as well. It also feels loose..

I called dentist yesterday, and will see monday...
what next?

Joe Felice said...

I had an implant that failed in less-than-10 years. So far as I know, it was done properly, and I had had an autonomous bone graft. However, the bone around the implant soon began to deteriorate. I believe it was a combination of normal mouth bacteria and bone resorption. The implant was part of a 3-tooth implant "bridge." That was the only thing holding the implanted tooth in, as the bone had completely disappeared in the socket. Removal was the only option, but during the removal, the periodontist noticed that the adjacent implant was about to fail also, so he removed both. He scraped the mandible and decontaminated it, then added bone augmentation (combo cadaver & cow with HGH)and new tissue before suturing. The area was extremely painful, as a "dry socket" developed around the remaining (good) implant. Yesterday, the perio put in 3 additional sutures to secure the gum to the implant. The pain is now better, but I am at the point where I wonder how long this one will last, and I am leaning AGAINST having the 2 failed implants replaced. It just seems to me that grafted or augmented bone is just not good enough to hold the implant permanently. I have another implant that was placed at the time of the extraction of the original tooth, directly into the remaining bone (no augmentation or graft). It will be interesting to see how long this one lasts, but maybe I just have poor bone density. Taking calcium wouldn't help, I was told, and there was nothing that could be done to prevent the bacteria from eating away at the bone. My oral hygiene is very good. The perio did say that perhaps my grinding at night contributed to the early failure of the implants. There was an active bacteria colony at the base of the implants, but nothing that ever made me sick or that affected me in any way. At this point, I wish I had left well-enough alone and done nothing at this time, as I had no pain or other negative effects, other than the colony of bacteria, which my general dentist said could break open and cause a problem at any time. I seem to have a good immune system, and he said my body was just holding the colony at bay & keeping it in check. It bothered me just thinking about those buggars in there chomping away at my tissue.

My advice is for anyone considering implants to proceed carefully. They are not always "permanent," as they are advertised, and may not always be the best solution in every case. I wonder if there is some way to test bone density in the mouth prior to undertaking this treatment. This has certainly been a painful and EXPENSIVE lesson, and I still have 2 implants that will forever be a concern to me. I certainly hope they do not become infected to the point that some have experienced on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, I am having infection experience that I have a fistula(like a pimple) in the upper inside of my month. After the dentist sent me to the oral surgeon, it proof that it is because of the implant infection.
I have told the dentist before the bridge installed that the middle one of the 3 implants seems not secure. But he insist there is nothing wrong and recommend to proceed to install the bridge. This is the second time he did the implant for me because the first time fail. Now he is telling me he has to remove the bridge and remove the middle implant and I have to wear denture until it healed. I don't like the idea and I can't stand the pain. Would anybody tell me what I can do and I don't feel kike going back to this dentist.
Please help!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am from Mississippi. I just had dental implants put in and when it was all said and done the color is much whiter than I had ask for, I explained to the dentist how important that all the top teeth need to match to one color. I have caps on the upper right side and had the dental implants put in on the upper left side. When I smile now the caps that I have had are a natural white and the dental caps he put that are white white which I ask time after time before the surgery, during the surgery, you are sure you can match the color?
He answered yes. Now when I smile it looks very bad. So very heart broken to know I spent all the money I had been saving for years to get a nice smile and now I have this to deal with. I do not know what to do can anyone please send me some suggestions or who I might could call to help me with this. I am also in my late 50's and waited so long to get a nice smile.

jackie newton said...

My advise as to whether to have dental implants or not is........ don't do it. I had 2 implants put in in 2005 it took me visiting 12 different dentists thousands of pounds. In 2013 I found a dentist who told me my implants were set in my nerve canal by the dentist who put them in and that my bone was disintegrating round them. He removed both implants and told me he believed I was also allergic to the titanium. No one, none of the previous dentists believed me, I was told I was making it up for attention! ! In 2009 my Dr gave me morphine for the dental pain. I only managed to get off it in August 2013. Even though I no longer have the implants there was so much damage to my bone and nerves I am still on painkillers. I now have a denture which hurts my bone to wear!!!! DO NOT get implants without checking you have enough bone, you're not going to react to the cobalt in the titanium and that the dentist who is going to give you them knows what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just completed the process of receiving an implant. I am lucky because I was in the military when the whole process was started ( 3 and a half years ago), so it hasn't cost me financially yet...
I have serious concerns for I am separated now.

A root canal had failed previously due to infection and was removed to make way for the implant. I didn't know the risks of implants prior to reading this blog. So since the military was paying, I went a long with it. But it was sincerely an ordeal for me. The first doctor attempted 3 bone graphs, all of which failed. It took a lot of energy as I experienced the discomfort and disappointment. Finally, I had had enough. So I asked to see a different surgeon; I was still not aware of the real risks of implants. The new surgeon was very optimistic (of course), and what was supposed to take 6 months, took about a year and six months. Last Wednesday, the 27th of March 2014. I settled for the implant (how it looks and how it seals up). But I am wondering if I should just have the whole implant surgically removed because... the area was once infected (had been infected also in my childhood), and now, because the gum tissue has receded so much, my biggest concern was the seal (if not sealed, infection would certainly be a problem). I believe the seal isn't good enough.

Sometimes I can taste a nasty taste from the new implant. In any of your experience has there been a nasty taste that went away after time? I know... how would it go away, it is much more likely to just get worse over time. Am I over thinking this, or should I remove it and just wear the dentures? I'm leaning towards full removal of implant related material from my gums.



PS I am actually experiencing flu-like symptoms. Don't know if that is just a coincidence. :-(

Sarah said...

Oh Wow, I have had a similar experience! I just went thru a small surgery to have my dental implant removed. For the past one year, I have had ringing in my ears, stiff neck and aching shoulders. I was sent to ENT by my general physician. The ENT said it was due to acidity in my stomach, it may be causing the ringing. Although it sounded odd, I worked on eating less acidic foods. It did not help much. I wrote off the neck and shoulder pain as spending too much time on the computer.

The right side of my face would swell up and get red often. I discussed it with my dentists but none of the dentists I went to saw anything wrong with my teeth. About a month ago, the crown on the implant became loose. Went to the dentist AGAIN. This time she suggested I see a Periodontist. The periodontist broke off the crown with half the implant under it with one pull. It was a little painful but was glad to have the loose crown gone. I went back to have the rest of the implant removed. After 6 shots, digging for an hour and excruciating pain for me, he was NOT able to remove it. I could not get numb enough because the surrounding area was so infected that pH of my mouth changed which kept me from getting numb. He said the implant had been infected for a while.

I went to another oral surgeon. He said he had to order some parts for the removal because implant breakage or removal is very rare and did not ever need them. He finally took it out yesterday and did some bone grafting under IV sedation. Although the procedure did not seem painful, the right side of my face is swollen and still sore. The best part is that I do not have ringing in my ears for the first time in a year. No neck pain or shoulder pain either.

I had the implant for 10 years without any problems till now. I do not want to discourage others from implants but would suggest to get a thorough understanding of pros and cons. As for me, I will not have another one again. I am told this will take 4 to 6 months to completely heal. I plan to get a bridge this time.